Behind the Scenes

From assembling your display cases, to our thought process behind Scobo™, let us show you how it's done.

All About Our Scobo Stacker™

Modular Design

No aesthetic compromise with a stackable design to fit all sizes. Easy to put together, with endless combinations.

UV-Blocking Coating

We use high-quality crystal-clear acrylic with an ultraviolet (UV) absorber to limit the transmission of UV radiation.

Dust Prevention

Closed gaps in our design help prevent dust and spills from getting into the case.

Weight Bearing

Our thicker acrylic build equals a more sturdy display. We can even stand on it! (But don't try it at home ☺︎)

Durable Material

Quality acrylic individually wrapped to prevent scratches during shipping.

Guided Assembly

No extra tools needed— we'll provide you all tools and instructions for assembly.


Our Story

We are a family owned and operated collectible display solution business based in Washington, USA. Our company was born when Scott (the founder), was frustrated trying to find a quality display case solution that could grow with his collection. There are many display case companies out there, but none of them really offer a high-quality modular solution with no aesthetic compromises like us.

Meet the Team!