Fulfillment and Shipping Policy

Fulfillment and Shipping Policy

We are a built-to-order company.

We understand in today’s world a lot of customers have shipping expectations of fast free 2-day delivery. We aspire to be able to provide that service one day, but it would require us to increase our capital and capacity greatly.

We are a small business of just 4 people, so we currently do not have the means to mass produce all our products in large quantities up front. We stay agile by keeping stock of acrylic sheets and universal metal brackets.

The more you buy from us, the more you are helping a small business grow to get closer to that goal of keeping a large stock at the ready for fast fulfillment.


Fulfillment Policy:

Small items (Ministackers, Minifigure Display Cases): ~1 week

Large items (Showcase Series, Stackers): 3 to 6 weeks


Shipping Policy:

For US orders, UPS and USPS automatically pick up from our warehouse Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays.

For international orders, DHL pickups are arranged on an as-needed basis.