How do Scobo Stackers™, Stack?

How do Scobo Stackers™, Stack?

We made our Scobo Stackers™ to grow alongside your collection.

That's why we have a variety of sizes, separated into our 1000, 2000, and 3000 Series. The stacking and expansion combinations are endless. 

Here's an example of a combination of our 1000 Series cases. 

Scobo Stacker™ 1000 Series | Stacked Example

You can preorder our 1000 Series cases here


But how do they connect?

We created our Scobo Stackers™ to have modular design and a clean fit when stacked. There are attachable accessories to start expanding your displays, including:

  • Bridge Plates, which connect Scobo Stackers™ side-by-side
  • Stacking Kits, varying by series, connecting Scobo Stackers™ vertically.

They're just as easy to assemble as building your Scobo Stackers™ themselves! 

You can find accessories and stacking tools for your displays here.


What do you collect? Share your displays with us on social media @scobodesign!